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What is the Naturopathic Medicine Philosophy?

Naturopathic Medicine embodies a unique set of principles. Naturopathic Doctors take care to approach every patient as an individual by creating programs and choosing medicines and treatment methods that address the cause of the disruption to the health of the body. Find out more

Recipes For Health

Naturopathic recipes utilizing natural foods are among the best ways to treat illnesses. Here are some great naturopathic recipies from Dr. Kira.

Naturopathic Care for the Whole Family

From Acupuncture to Bowen Therapy, Dr. Kira offers the latest in Naturopathic health care.

Port Moody Naturopathic Clinic

About Dr.Kira

Dr. Kira is an active member of the College of Naturopathic Physicians in BC, the Canadian Naturopathic
Association, and the BC Naturopathic Association where she served on the Board in 2006.