Clarity + Planning = Better Health!

“Most people think they lack motivation but what they really lack is clarity” 
– James Clear – Author of “1% Better Everyday”

Clear cited a study about motivation where three groups of people were asked to exercise. The first group was asked to track their exercise, the second group was given a motivational speech, the third group also got the motivational speech, but were then asked to write down when, where, and how they would exercise. In the end, the third group exercised 2-3 times more than the other 2 groups. So having an intention is important, but mapping it out leads to greater chances of success! I find this all the time in my practice. If I can get someone to nail down the particulars of how they’re going to integrate a new healthy habit, they’re much more likely to do it.

Try it yourself: write down 2 healthy habits you’ve been meaning to incorporate into your life. Then write down the days of the week you’ll do them, length of time needed to complete them, environment you’re most likely to succeed in, and how you’ll feel once you’ve done them. Make the plan for 6 weeks, then send the list to someone you can report your progress to.

For example: say your goal is to eat more vegetables. You decide you want to aim for 4 servings of veggies each day and decide that meal planning will be the best way to ensure you’ll do it. You choose Sunday and Thursday nights to meal plan. You set up your environment by designating a pad of paper and pen for meal planning and put it next to your cook books. Your goals are to feel energized, have a dewy glow to your skin, and be an awesome example for your kids. You send your list to your sister who decides she’s going to do it with you. You’ve taken the first step to crushing your goal!

So get out your pen and paper, map it out, and make it happen!

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