About Dr.Kira

Dr. Kira Frketich is a perfect example that we are truly a product of our environment and that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Since her parents were natural living buffs (even though they would never have called themselves such), they kept her and her sisters healthy and fit by disguising exercise with fun activities. Skiing, horseback riding, and tap dancing were a regular part of their very active life. Dr.Kira’s mom cooked tofu and veggies from the time they were very young, so it seemed surprisingly normal!

Since these healthy lifestyle habits were ingrained since childhood, it’s no surprise that Dr. Kira was attracted to Naturopathic Medicine during her undergraduate years.

While in University, Dr. Kira had a personal experience that deepened her passion and appreciation for the powerful effects of natural medicine. She had a severe full body outbreak of eczema, and anyone who has had the horrific experience of eczema knows that the itching, cracking, and bleeding makes you want to tear your skin off!

Dr. Kira sought treatment from a local Naturopathic doctor who discovered numerous food sensitivities.She noticed a major improvement after only a few days of eliminating the offending foods. After several weeks, 90% of her symptoms abated. The biggest bonus was being able to sleep again! This dramatic improvement through diet—specifically food sensitivity elimination—is the reason she chose to use this as a major focus in her practice. After completing her BA, Dr. Kira moved to Toronto where she thrived during the 4 years of study at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine taking a special interest in detoxification, digestive disorders, and homeopathic medicine.

Today, in addition to serving the Tri-city area with her busy practice at the Port Moody Naturopathic Clinic which she opened in 2004, Dr. Kira is also very active in the community. For the past 2 years she has been a supervising doctor at the teaching clinic at the Boucher Naturopathic School Teaching Clinic, and each month she gives talks on various health topics at Planet Organic Market in Coquitlam. Dr. Kira has also been one of organizers for the Naturopathic team for the 24 hour Easter seals relay fundraiser “Fueled by Nature”, to support camps for BC kids.

Dr. Kira is an active member of the College of Naturopathic Physicians in BC, the Canadian Naturopathic Association, and the BC Naturopathic Association where she served on the Board in 2006.

In addition to her full schedule working and teaching, Dr. Kira loves to soak in BC’s beautiful outdoors by rock climbing, running, and hiking with her husband Ryan and their dog Reina. Her favorite summer pastime is canning fruits and veggies for winter, and making delicious “100-mile” meals with seasonal produce from local farmers markets.